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Impact nail ED

Fixing in concrete without pre-drilling

With the fischer impact nail ED, the fischer conduit clips BSM and fischer perforated tapes are hammered into concrete without pre-drilling. For the mounting process, the fischer impact nail is inserted into the impact nail setting tool SZE. The retainer secures the nail during the setting process. The impact nail is secured firmly in the concrete with just a few blows of the hammer.

Product Description

  • The stable impact nail ED can be set in concrete with the impact nail setting tool SZE without pre-drilling. This allows for a fast installation.
  • The setting tool SZE impact protection provides the best protection for your hand, thus ensuring a safe installation.

Available Product Variants

3 Product variant (s) found

3 Product variant (s) found





Max. fixing thickness


Art.-No. 048212

15 [mm]

4.0 [mm]

2 [mm]

Folding box

Art.-No. 079815

18 [mm]

4.0 [mm]

6 [mm]

Folding box

Art.-No. 014570

22 [mm]

4.0 [mm]

10 [mm]

Folding box

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Application and Permission

For fixing of:
  • Conduit clips such as BSM, BSMD, BSMZ
  • Perforated band such as LBK, LBV
Building materials
  • Concrete
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The impact nail ED is set in the setting tool SZE.
  • The bracket in the setting tool holds the nail securely in place during the installation procedure.
  • Pre-positioning of the element to be fixed.
  • The nail can be hammered through the fixing element directly into the concrete.
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Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture