FIS V Zero
Maximum safety for people and nature
FIS V Zero

Maximum flexibility and safety for various applications

Steel structures, post-installed rebar connections or fastenings in inhabited spaces - with the universal mortar FIS V Zero, users leave nothing to chance when it comes to environmental and occupational safety, as this injection mortar is made entirely without labelling-required hazardous substances. Fastenings in non-cracked concrete and cracked concrete or in all types of solid and perforated brick masonry become a walk in the park.

FIS V Zero features

  • FIS V Zero is free of labelling-required hazardous substances such as dibenzoyl peroxide, which is classed as sensitising, irritating to the eyes and hazardous to the environment.  
  • The non-labelled ingredients of the FIS V Zero guarantee safe installation for maximum user protection. 
  • The injection mortar is approved for applications in concrete and masonry, for post-installed rebar connections and for water-filled drill holes.

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Rebar connections

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Diaper changing tables

Safety is calculable

Measuring can be so simple

The fischer FiXperience design software supports you in measuring your projects safely and reliably whether you are a planner, structural engineer or tradesperson. FiXperience has a modular setup and can be used for a variety of applications.

The new, modular structure of the programme includes engineering software and special application modules.

For chemical fixings, the MORTAR-FIX (fischer design software MORTAR-FIX | fischer), C-FIX (fischer design software C-FIX | fischer), REBAR-FIX (fischer design software REBAR-FIX | fischer) and RAIL-FIX (fischer design software RAIL-FIX | fischer) modules are particularly important.

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