Channel system FLS

Simple and load-bearing

The FLS-system allows a economical and safe installation of horizontal and vertical installations. Because of its modular structure and the already in the factory pre-assembled construction- and connection elements, its easy and fast to mount.

The variable channel system is made of three main elements in total:

the mounting channels FLS and suspension brackets ALK, the pre-assembled construction elements saddle flange SF Clix 31 and mounting angle MW Clix 90º, as well as the optimised connection elements FHS Clix, FSM Clix M, FSM Clix P and the belonging angles and channel connectors.

The mounting channels FLS are the key element for the installation. Because of the unique shape with serrations and beadings, they ensure a notably stable hold for the construction elements. Thereby, the serrations inside the channel guarantee an optimal fixing and force transmission. The beadings in all angles ensure best hold of the construction elements on the mounting channel. The scaling allows a precise crosscutting and positioning of the anchor base plates. For the 31 mm large FLS-channels, as well as for the suspension bracket, there are three heights available: 17 mm, 30 mm, 37 mm. The material thickness is 1 mm -1,2 mm.

The clix elements can be easily fixed by a 90 degree rotation and allow a fast and time-saving installation for the installer. Plastic spring legs on the clix elements enable a simple displacement and adjustment of the connection elements, on which, among other things, the pipe clamps for the installation are mounted.

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Mounting channel FLS 

  • The changing slotted holes, with 8,5 mm or 10,5 mm width, ensure an optimal fixing in the subsoil
  • Uniform width with 31 mm. 
  • The serration inside the mounting channel fixes optimal
  • Perfect hold of the connection elements because of the four beadings in the corners inside the mounting channels. 
  • The scaling of the mounting channel simplifies the exact crosscutting of the channels and positioning of the anchor base plates
  • Three different channel heights (17, 30 and 37 mm) ensure a high flexibility.

Pre-assembled construction elements saddle flange SF Clix 31 and mounting angle MW Clix 90º

  • Because of the 90 degree rotation, all clix fixing elements ensure a simple, time saving fixing inside the mounting channels. 
  • The pre-assembled anchor base plates guarantee a time saving and easy installation. 
  • The unique abutment ensures the right installation position to insert into the mounting channel.

FHS Clix

The special spring leg on the clix elements ensures the necessary contact pressure for a simple adjustment inside the mounting channel.

FSM Clix P

The pronounced dead stop element of the clix fixing element enables an exact and  faultless 90 degree rotation inside the mounting channel.

FSM Clix M

The unique and concealing abutment on the plastic support bracket of the FSM Clix P guarantees a connection without plastic railpad for a connection metal-to-metal.

SV 31

The unique retaining bracket on the connection element guarantees an interlocking installation along and across to the direction of the channel.


Channel fixings on the floor

Time saving and safe installation with the pre-assembled SF Clix 31.

Channel constructions as a bracket

Easy adjustment inside the mounting channel through the clix element of the MW 90 degree clix.

Air ventilation duct fixing with mounting channel 

Simple and safe installation through optimal load-bearing capacity with the light mounting channels, as well as acoustic decoupling with the EMS channel elastic.

Channel enlarging with rail connectors 

Safe connection metal-to-metal through the concealing abutment on the sliding nut FSM Clix P.

Rack with two levels 

Interlocking installation along and across to the channel because of the special retaining brackets on the connection element SV 31.

Light, lowered piping anchorage

Simple adjustment of the hanging position in the mounting channel with the sliding nut FSM Clix M through the especially developed spring leg.

Suspension bracket on mounting channel 

Stable screwed through connection on the back of the mounting channel with the holder claw HK31.

Piping anchorage on mounting channel 

Exact and faultless 90 degree rotation of the FHS Clix through the special dead stop element.

Ventilation pipe fixing on the wall

Stable and safe bracket fixing through angle bracket WS 31/45º.

Electronic platform on suspension bracket

Easy and optimised on loads bracket fixings through different suspension bracket ALK.