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Beam Clamp Steel TKLS Steel Bite

Clamp hangers for easy fixing to steel girders with just one tool

The fischer clamp hanger TKLS Steel Bite is an efficient solution for fixings to steel girders without welding and drilling. The TKLS is suitable for all types of pipe fixings, including for sprinkler systems. It is secured using the hammering wedge. The Steel Bite teeth mean that the clamp hanger cannot slip on the steel girder. The VdS and FM test marks ensure safety in the installation process. The galvanised zinc design is suitable for installations in buildings and the stainless steel versions are suitable for installations outside and in highly corrosive environments.

Product Description

  • The TKLS design with hammering wedge allows fixing to steel beams without the need of welding and drilling.
  • The teeth of the TKLS Steel Bite effectively prevent from slipping of the steel beam.
  • VdS and FM approval guarantees objectively tested functional safety.
  • The TKLS Steel Bite made of steel guarantees highest load-bearing capacity.
  • The TKLS Steel Bite allows pre-assembling of threaded rods and for retrospective height adjustment.
  • TKLS: material: steel HX420LAD+ZAD, material no. 1.0935, DIN EN 10346
  • TKLS: Zinc plating: electro zinc plated
  • SS-TKL: Material: steel DX51D acc. to EN 10214, material no.1.0226
  • SS-TKL: Zinc plating: electro zinc plated

Available Product Variants

4 Product variant (s) found

4 Product variant (s) found

FM approved


Clamping range


Max. recom. static load (centr. tension)


Art.-No. 531134

9 [mm]

8 - 20 [mm]

2.00 [kN]

Art.-No. 531136


11 [mm]

8 - 20 [mm]

3.50 [kN]

Art.-No. 531137


13 [mm]

8 - 20 [mm]

5.00 [kN]

Art.-No. 531138


17 [mm]

11 - 26 [mm]

10.00 [kN]

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Application and Permission

  • All kind of fixings by threaded rods to steel beams with sloping flange plate up to 14%
  • Safety plates SS-TKL are required for VdS equipment over Ø 65 mm


  • 0003052618
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Assembly Instruction

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Documents for Downloading


Title Type Created Valid Till
Factory Mutual (PDF, 86 KB) FM Approval - Certificate of Compliance 0003052618