Art.-No. 94872

fischer bolt anchor FAZ II 8/10 GS with large washer

Top Features
  • Pre-assembled washer for components with slots. This simplifies alignment and saves time during installation.
  • Minimum torque slippage: Simple assembly saves time as well as wear and tear.
  • With expansion clip for maximum load-bearing capacity. Thus fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are required. This saves time and costs.
  • Approval for cracked concrete and fire inspection: maximum safety.
  • One anchor - two anchorage depths: Reduced anchorage depth saves time and costs while drilling. Also ideal for large fixture thicknesses.
  • General design certification for anchorage in steel fiber concrete for the fischer bolt anchors FAZ II, FAZ II R and FAZ II HCR (diameter M6 - M24).

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Technical data

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